Why are Indian advertisements based on Emotions ?

Television is one of the biggest source of entertainment in India. We all love to watch something on our TV set.  Viewership of TV is increasing day after day and total TV Viewership has jumped up by 18%(2015 to 2106). That’s the only reason it’s one of the biggest markets for investment. Ad revenue through advertisements in India is expected to reach nearly 600 billion Indian rupees in 2018; the spending is going to increase day by day but one thing is common between all these business activities i.e. “ EMOTION “.

This word is not as small as it looks because it plays the most important role in Indian market. If you compare it with US or European advertisements normally they are based on social status or functionality, so what could be the reason behind it ? Why the  huge difference between consumer behavior ? Even in the 21st century Indian markets are based on emotion? Are only Indians emotional ?

The reason is not just that Indians are emotional. If we speak in marketing term its the influencer who influences us for shopping. In western countries, shopping is mostly done independently but in India its a group or family decision where almost all elders are the influencers for most of the purchase.

Example in western country   – car purchasing is just an individual need.

In India same Purchase will be based on family need and group decision.

That group influence makes it different from other country’s  Consumer behavior.

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