The Best Sector For Startup and Investment

Hey guyz if your are confuse that today what kind of Startup you should chose or where to invest your money and which field can help you for your better future, then read this blog till the end and you will get some idea and your doubts will be cleared.

In today’s world, Technology is the biggest requirement in our daily lives and technology is the thing which is now part of all professions. Yes, it is the field this blog is about but that is not enough. There are lots of options in the this field, so which is better ?? There are two fields which are in trend and have huge potential in the market and they are FINTECH & EDUTECH.

Fintech is the category where Financial operations are being performed through technology like Software and various Applications or Websites etc.

Edutech also has the same concept where Teaching or other Educational materials are available through technology like Videos and applications etc.

Now let’s understand the scope of Education and Finance. Its simple, we don’t need to think much about these fields as Education is the basic need for lifetime for everyone and it will never come to end  same as Finance that all the major economic activities are related to it.

So if you have doubt about what is better for startup then you must concentrate on both of these which have huge scope. For the sake of investment, same idea can be applied. Even in the Budget 2018 it is said that govt will make a group under FM for the development of Fintech companies in 2018

Some companies in:

Fintech Category are

Paytm, Mobikwik, ItzCash Card, Bank bazaar, policy bazaar etc.

Edutech :

BYJU’S, Solo Learn, Khan Academy etc.

Hope you liked this post and it helped you, if yes then do share this blog with your budding Entrepreneurs.  Thanks

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