India, Religions and You

Hey guyz, we all know that India is the country of Multiple Religions and this is one of the unique points of our country and we can say that so many religious people living in a country is a strength or specialty of India but today few peoples for their own benefit take advantage of this strength and play divide and rule game among religions to win. This is the same strategy as a boxer concentrating on competitor’s weakness to make him weaker and win.

Indians and Religions

Hence, all over the country there are so many debates and fights going on and the peace is slightly getting out of our lives. Now its senseless to debate about religious intents because no religion talks against peace.

Out of all this situation one thing that you and I should never forget is that our daily lives can be affected in near future if this situation continues for a long period. We are already in trouble because of not enough monsoon and increase in the cost of food items. If religious fights rise in future then probably country’s production will decrease as work will be stop in very few days and the things would become costlier.

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