Sex Toys in India

The popularity of Sex toys in India has increased, this is because Indians are adopting the western culture and standard of living. These industries making such products already exist in foreign countries before launching in India and many other countries.

It was very difficult for India to adopt these kind of product to purchase from the stores, because our Indian government had banned this product from the stores, and it will also affect Indian culture and especially children.

It was very problematic for the companies to sell the products in India, They had come up with new idea to sell their product in India i.e Internet, through internet they do advertising via social media and social networking websites.

Nowadays Indians are purchasing sex toys through internet.

The makers know the penetration of these product through research.
India State rank wise as below:

Nowadays Indians  have many choices to purchase these products. The preference of purchase according to gender is as follows:

Man – 62%

Women – 38%.
Sex Chart

Some of the popular websites that sell these products are ,,

Also see about India’s Tax Payers here.

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