Airtel To Launch 5G Service

India’s top network provider has recently announced the date of its 5G service launch partnering with Nokia. Current speed of 4G Services is 22Mbps approximately and but  5G services expected to the Speed of 2 GBPS. It will reach to 20 times higher than Airtel 4G services. It is set to launch, by June 22 2018 and plan is set to have a cost of Rs 40 per GB.

Airtel 4G is currently the leader in speed as assessed by OOKLA and its getting ready to have a tussle of war with Vodafone and Jio. Bharti Air has been into the league and was having fights over the offers back to back to have a strong footing in the market.It now provides one among the best offers for 4G data and also calling services are free with the combo packs.

Airtel India stepping towards better Development. They are very excited to Launch the 5G services in India for their Customers. It is not just Airtel launching 5G services but its India, as it will represent India’s advanced technology to the globe.

Lets await the big time hi- speed data power, which unfolds soon. Most interesting thing will be how the opponents will react and what counter attack Airtel may use.

– Jibrail Khan

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