Taj Mahal, BJP and Indian Economy


We all know about the symbol of love prominent in India,Taj Mahal. Here is another step taken by the BJP government that might stir some controversy.

Evidently,India is one of the fastest growing economies in world which has lots of potential to grow. Foreign and Domestic tourism are most important for it as currency exchange is an essential part of a growing economy but the decision taken by UP government (BJP) may harm it because a move to remove Taj Mahal a UNESCO world heritage site from tourism brochure criticized as ‘sectarian’.

This is surely political but let’s see it from an economic perspective.

The most visited monument of India, Taj Mahal, has earned Rs 76 crore during the last three years in revenues through sale of tickets and other paid services.

  • Rs 22.45 crore was earned in 2013-14
  • Rs 21.26 crore in 2014-15
  • Rs 23.88 crore in 2015-16
  • Rs 8.30 crore between April 1, 2016 to June 2016.
  • Likewise, Rs 3.14 crore spent on its conservation in 2013-14
  • Rs 4.42 crore in 2014-15
  • Rs 3.66 crore in 2015-16
  • Rs 24.71 lakh between April 1 and June 30 last year.

Taj Mahal has the potential to earn approximately 300 crore in the coming 10 years which is not at all a small amount.

Out of total 8.8 Million foreign visitors 7 lakh visit Taj mahal. Is it really necessary to take such measures when there are bigger issues at hand?-Now just think and evaluate how good is such a decision pertaining to Business and economic perspectives.



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  1. moeen says:

    How many indians r visting to see the taj mahal??explain please

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