Bengali Babas and Business Mind

Have you ever heard about some babas like Bengali babas etc. etc. who claims to provide 100% solution of any problem from personal life to professional life. Well do they really solve it or not and if Yes then how, it’s a different matter of discussion but here we are going to talk about how they might have got these ideas to go on and run such business.

First of all, its all about ideas. You have to find an idea to start a business and everybody have their own way to find the ideas and different strategies to develop the idea, but usually there are two major methods which are best to find the business ideas.

  • Identifying any particular problem get a solution for that problem as a business tool for e.g Umbrella to stay safe from getting wet in rain.
  • Utilizing two sources in a single idea, like the combination of Tyre and motor engine


In this case, these babas applied the 1st idea and they attract people by showing they have solutions of almost all the problems of all humans. The problems which are listed in their stickers are the one which has higher priorities needed than other problems.

Now, lets take a look on their promotion strategy and it’s not different from those commercial endorsement of big brands. All the big brands in their commercial advertisement are playing with the emotions of the audience by showing the story of Mom and Son, Husband and Wife, success in career etc. These babas are doing something similar as their business ideas itself is the solution of problems which are emotionally attached and  they usually promote their business in local trains by some stickers and posters. Local train is the place where people are returning home after a hardworking day in offices and planning about the life and other tensions.  While thinking about your own problems and suddenly if seeing these stickers which contain the list of problems including yours and their solutions, you may easily get attracted.

But the most important thing about their ideas and marketing is confidence.

If you are going to do something important in your life then confidence is the thing which will encourage you to keep fighting until you achieve it.

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