Internet Revolution in India

Revolution of Internet had started in India in 1995. In the beginning it seemed very tiny with access of 0.5%. No one wanted to put money in such a small Market but over the coming time it increased and according to 2016 research More than two decades on, the country now has the second most number of web users in the world, just after China , account to 2011 survey it was 10% but over time it increasing drastically.

Countries with internet users

Countries with internet users

India is the second largest online market with more than 460 million internet users.
There is still many rural areas which are untouched so still more users can be accepted in the near future,
As of 2016, India had an estimated 262 million mobile users living in urban areas, and 109 million living in rural areas. This rate at which the mobile users are increasing may lead to a huge Market development for tech based industries.

India has seen a great IT sector emergence in the past few years which has given employment to a number of young minds. The stock markets of India viz. BSE and NSE are run entirely on online transactions now.Here’s a list companies that have been delisted from BSE.


If you want to invest money so telecommunication and internet is best industry to get big money market.


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  1. moeen says:

    India is not depend upon internet, internet is depend upon india,great,,,but who was the creator ??

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