Bullet Train brings best opportunity for Real Estate investment


Nowadays the topic of bullet train is trending in the country whether it is a businessman or other common man everyone is talking about it that how it will be benefit to the country, but apart from the transportation there are some more advantages is yet to be considered.

We are talking about the value of land and housing properties of nearest stations of bullet train.

To discuss further about it lets have a look after the list of bullet train’s stations from Gujarat to Maharashtra.












The individual investor a salaried person always dream to buy a property for profit motive and he usually consider properties which value is predicted to be increased in future and give some guaranteed profit and it’s a difficult task , but now the finest opportunity for them is about to come in form of bullet train, yes its true if we are talking about only Maharashtra part so according to official plan Bullet train’s stop will be made at four places Bandra, Thane, Virar and Boisar these are the place where a salaried person can buy the property which will surely give some big profit after of bullet train launch in  2023 or 2024.

There are certain reason which  gives the answer that how these region will give huge profit , first of all where there is more facilities of transports are available it attracts people to settled here because it becomes easy to travel for daily routine of jobs if I expand this point It will show how exactly the value in these places will Rise, except Bandra rest three places are too far from the cities people who lives here travel so hard from one corner of the city to another for jobs  and the rest who are staying in the city on rent basis they are giving big amount of the rent they have option to stay out of the city like these places with minimum rent as compare to within the city but they are not shifting there because they don’t want to travel so hard for jobs but once bullet train will be started travelling will not be so hard anymore then they will definitely move towards these areas for low rents specially these 3 places Thane, Boisar and Virar and Bandra is already in middle of the city and transportation is already so facilitates over here , not just transport but also tourism ,markets, malls , other basic facilities will grow up so it time to invest.








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