Mission digital Marketing – Flipkart and Amazon

We call our generation is digital generation where we use to spend more of time on internet and other social media sites. World becomes more easy by using this services. At the same time, it’s become huge money market . Every company wants some of space on your mobile and laptops.

shift towards digital marketing from traditional advertising by online retailers Flipkart and Amazon is working out well as awareness of this year’s sale events—The Big Billion Days and Great Indian Festival—has increased significantly compared with previous years, according to a RedSeer study.

According to this years survey 70%  people know about recent sales via internet platform. When Redseer conducted survey how much crowd aware about Flipkart and Amazons sales? 97% people saying yes they are aware about it .

Amazon and Flipkart used to spend hundreds of crores on expensive marketing and branding campaigns which result of increase price of product and you can’t even analyze reach of your advertisement but if you speak about digital marketing you can easily monitor your crowd according to area, place ,region and even religion.

So if you want to start your business and don’t have money for spending so take help of digital platform.


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